Inclusion Strategy is a MWBE Certified consultancy that helps leaders at Fortune 50 companies, governmental agencies,
academic institutions, and non-profit organizations in the U.S. & internationally to be the best at what they do.

Whether organizations make or sell widgets, build skyscrapers or code, manage finances or nations, their common denominator is people.

Inclusion Strategy helps employers to succeed with:
Leadership Development
Strategic Diversity Planning
EEO / Diversity & Inclusion Training
  Mentoring Programs     Employee Resource Groups

The Results: 
   successful recruitment    higher employee engagement & retention
 increased productivity    greater innovation    greater market share

Attending diversity presentations with Wendy is always a rewarding experience.
Her intellectual depth and dynamic presentation skills are truly remarkable.
      As a fellow practitioner, I appreciate Wendy's ability to further the conversation
in a meaningful way.

- Mecca E. Santana
                                                                  Vice President, Diversity and Community Relations
                             Westchester Medical Center


  It was a fantastic journey, very informative and detailed.
I recommend it highly.

- Inclusive Leadership Training attendee

  You are truly a master of your craft and I will always remember the experience.
I am so eager to implement what I've learned, that I am staying late
this evening to begin mapping out my first steps in this new journey
of managing uccessfully.

- Inclusive Management Training attendee

I have to tell you that this was the first training class that I've been to where
I was engaged the entire time and I felt that the material was appropriate
for me and my level.

- Inclusive Communication Training attendee

I have attended my fair share of trainings, but this by far
was the most informative. You asked some really good
questions that made me think.

- Sexual Harassment Prevention Training attendee

Discussing real problems (people feeling comfortable discussing issues)
helps tremendously. Having people who are new employees and "old" -
meaning in # of years at __ - is important. Thanks - Great Job!

- Implicit Bias Town Hall attendee

I have been a manager for over 20 years and I have attended my share of management training seminars, but none as informative and practical as the
day and a half I spent receiving instruction and guidance from you.

- Inclusive Management Training attendee

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