How Inclusion Strategy Works For You

We equip organizations for success with our sustainable, scalable, 5-step strategy

Effectively managing change requires establishing a baseline, creating an informed and strategic plan of action, developing and delivering comprehensive communication, providing targeted education throughout the organization, and implementing ongoing performance support.

Today, savvy leaders recognize that the ability of employees to pull together – as mutually respectful high-performing team members – is an essential skill. They know that the authentic practice of inclusion allows their organizations to grow and remain strategically agile and competitive.

Inclusion Strategy is in the business of helping clients make necessary and lasting change to their organization’s culture. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of diversity and inclusion and an impressive record of satisfied clients, Inclusion Strategy offers these five steps to success:

  1. Assess your organization’s current culture.
    To determine your organization’s baseline diversity and inclusion competency and EEO position, we conduct confidential, objective assessments of your policies, practices, communication, and your stakeholders’ perspectives.

  2. Create a realistic, measureable strategic inclusion plan of action.
    We assist and advise your leadership in developing a tangible and flexible diversity and inclusion (D+I) plan that supports your organization’s mission, vision and goals. We guide you in developing a viable succession plan and establishing inclusive methods to develop employees, including your ‘hidden’ high-potentials.

  3. Develop and deliver clear, concise, inclusive communication.
    Leveraging the power of both traditional and cutting edge media, we refine your existing communication and help develop new messages to keep your targeted audiences (external and internal) informed and up to date about your organization’s transformation.

  4. Provide results-based tactical education.
    To develop the soft and hard skills that employees need to drive organizational success, we provide Inclusion Strategy’s proprietary, proven-effective selection of workshops. Subjects include: EEO, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Train-the-Trainer, Inclusive Leadership, and more.
    (For the complete list of our programs, please click here.)

  5. Implement strategies that ensure ongoing success.
    Understanding that effecting real change requires continuing effort, we provide tangible programs, toolkits, and guides to assure that your investment in D+I is sustainable with a measurable ROI.
    Examples, tailored to your organization’s inclusion strategy, include:
          • Diversity or Inclusion Council, Affinity Group Development and Toolkits
          • Mentoring Programs and Toolkits
          • Employee Development Plan Support and Guide
          • Hiring and Interviewing Support and Guides

All of Inclusion Strategy’s services can be customized to support
your organization’s specific needs and unique culture.