How Inclusion Strategy Works For You

Leadership Development

Many leaders are born with ambition and develop a clearly defined mission, but few have had specific training on the competencies and communication skills needed to lead inclusively. We provide both training and coaching for executives, including EEO/D+I practitioners to assure that you accomplish your mission.


  • Inclusive Leadership training sessions
  • Coaching for executives on EEO/D+I Best Practices
  • Coaching for EEO/D+I Practitioners Best Practices, Strategy Development, Measuring Success
  • EEO Counseling

Strategic Diversity Planning

In a 24/7 world, reacting to the latest need or crisis is critical, but the most successful organizations develop strategic plans that are adaptable to current events. Diversity and Inclusion is no exception. if you want to succeed with your D+I initiatives, plan twice and implement once!


  • EEO / D+I Assessments
    • Review of current & past strategies, training, communication
    • Employee Surveys
    • Staff Interviews
    • Focus Groups
  • Facilitation of Strategic Planning Sessions
    • Session preparation, facilitation, follow-up
    • Development of D+I Mission and Vision
    • Protocol / Guideline development

Mentoring Programs

Many studies have shown that mentoring helps people to succeed, especially those who are not part of the predominant cultural group. As with all development strategies, mentoring programs need structure, guidance and support in order to succeed. Mentors and Protégés need to learn how to set goals, have productive conversations and develop multi-dimensional relationships.


  • Development of a mentoring strategy
  • Development of a mentoring toolkit for participants
  • Development and facilitation of training for mentors and protégés
  • Customized support for your mentoring initiative

Employee Resource Groups

One size does not fit all! Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) need to be developed that support your organization’s unique culture. Whether you opt for affinity groups (LGBT, Women, African-American, etc.) or Inclusion Councils (members from all affinity groups), ERGs need to be established to support your organizational mission and vision and be structured for success.


  • Development of an ERG strategy
  • Development of a ERG Protocol / Resource Handbook for participants
  • Development and facilitation of training for ERG members
  • Customized support for your ERG initiative

EEO / Diversity & Inclusion Training

Employees are trained to use software, but also need tactical education to navigate the complexities of diversity and inclusion. We help employees to understand the impact of bias, the elements of inclusive communication, and to develop the skills and techniques needed to succeed in rapidly changing organizational cultures.

- Instructor led training on site, Webinars, Video conferences, Audio conferences
- Content development, Learning aids, Resources, Interactive exercises, Role play exercises

  • Inclusive Leadership (Perceptions, WIIFM, Communication, Strategies)
  • Inclusive Management (Perceptions, WIIFM, Communication, Strategies, Managing Teams)
  • Inclusive Supervision (Perceptions, WIIFM, Communication, Strategies, Supervising others)
  • Inclusive Workplace (Perceptions, WIIFM, Communication)
  • Inclusive Communication (Cross-Cultural awareness and competency, Intentional Communication)
  • Inclusive Teams (Cross-cultural awareness, the value of interdependence)
  • Inclusive Hiring (Strategies and competencies for HR Practitioners including: Inclusive job description development, recruitment, selection, interviewing skills, and onboarding)
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees, Supervisors, Managers (CA AB 1825 Requirements)
  • EEO Rights and Responsibilities (Laws, policies, protocols and prevention)
  • Fraternization in the Workplace (Awareness, policies, protocols)
  • Respect in the Workplace (Cross-cultural awareness, responsibilities, expectations)
  • Train-the-Trainer (All of the Subjects listed above)
  • Women in Leadership (Communication, self-awareness, goal setting, negotiating)
  • Mentoring for Success (Goal setting, communication)
  • ERG Development (Team Building, project management, presentation skills, mission and vision development, and strategy development)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Preventing and Confronting Bullying
  • Town Hall Meetings (Facilitated conversations on diversity and inclusion)